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Smokey eye in five easy steps

source link Hello pretties,

خيار ثنائي الخيار باني As you can tell with the title, I am gonna do my first eye makeup tutorial as if there are not enough smokey eye tutorials all over the internet, I am still gonna do it anyways. 😉

jobba hemifrån vab So like always, I am not gonna bore you again by telling you on  how much I focus on my eyes or how much I adore winged liner or how I think that the true beauty of a woman lies in her eyes or stuff like that .. wink wink 😀

الخيارات الثنائية التداول التجريبي but at some point in your life ,I bet you must have googled ” how to do a Smokey eye” I am not a professional but I am lazy.. Trust me lazy girls can find the most easiest and quick ways of doing things. so lets begin..

source url Disclaimer : These are just the guidelines /ways of how I do it.. step 1. prep our eye

follow url I am using mac prolong-wear concealer as a base.

go step 2. highlight your brow bone with a matte white eye shadow and with a fluffy brush apply a light brown shade above your can be as messy u want step 3. use an eye pencil to draw a thick line above your lash line and it doesn’t have to be perfect because we are gonna smudge it anyways..

موقع مباشر للاسهم السعودية step 4. now take a dark brown eye shadow and smudge the life out of it..

Five easy eyeliner styles In my last post,I showed you my five easy steps to achieve the perfect wing liner and that’s how I mostly like to wear my liner but sometimes, there are days when I just wanna have fun and play with my makeup & some days you just don’t feel like it, you don’t want that dramatic effect on your eyes.. You can play around with different styles and different colors depending on the look you want to achieve. There are so many different shapes you can create with eyeliners but today I will show you five different ways you can own your eye liner..

  1. The natural look image

see this is the most easy and simple way for every day . just add your liner to your top lash line  following the natural curve of your eye and make it a little thicker towards the outer corner of your eye.

كيفية كتابة بلوج وكسب المال  

الخيارات الثنائية الموالية السماسرة إشارات أوصى 2. the smudged-up look image

get link This is the look I personally like a lot and this look gives you the most smooth, casual look that everyone likes.

follow site Make a rough line with a pencil eyeliner,it doesn’t have to be perfect and smudge it with a sponge type applicator or even a Q tip will do the job.

فوركس العملات الأجنبية 3. Smudged-down look 😀

غرفة تجارة الخيارات الثنائية This one extra step will glam up your simple eye look to a very flattering evening look .

enter site Line your upper lash line with an eyeliner like you normally would and now line your lower lash line with a kohl or any pencil eyeliner. Take a little dark brown eye shadow or any color according to your preference & smudge the lower lash line with a pencil brush. I am using mac 219 but as I said earlier, a Q tip will do the job as well.. so in short, smudge it out ! 4. Dramatic cat eye look

أربح المال بسرعة image تجارة الذهب من بلد الي بلد Extend the eyeliner to the inner corner and make a winged liner  ( for detailed winged eyeliner tutorial,click here) Add a line to the roots of you eyelashes and connect it with the existing liner.. This will give you a very dramatic yet edgy look and your eyes will look more bigger and cat like 😉 5. Double winged eye liner image

Which eyeliner look do  you like the most? please comment down below..





Catrice Cosmetics liquid liner – Don’t leave me

Hello beauties,

I know it’s an eyeliner talk again but I just feel more confident when I have my eyeliner on, like it has magical powers in it :p , well it is weird but true though !

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them..

– Paulo Coelho

So, moving on..I wasn’t a huge fan of liquid eyeliners at first, may be because of my endless love for gel eyeliners until I discovered the new love of my life – Catrice Cosmetics waterproof liquid eyeliner – Don’t leave me. (No worries baby, I won’t be leaving you anytime soon !

As you can possibly tell, I am really digging this eyeliner & I’ll  tell you why

See, I had a rule at first, if you are running late just dare not to wear an eyeliner that day.

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late

All that hustle to achieve those perfect wings literally took me 15 minutes at times and that is a lot of time when you are in great haste ! So, I used to skip my eyeliner,which is the most crucial step for me in makeup.

The problem with liquid liners are mostly their formulas ( I know some of you might be the victim of liquid-liner-to-lash transfer),  and their brushes- either they are too stiff or too flimsy..

But Catrice eyeliner changed the game for me,it has a very cool applicator, it’s stiff but flimsy enough to use (you know what I am saying !)  which gives you the most precise & crisp line you want. of course you can thicken the line according to you needs !

What I really like about it is that it doesn’t leave any gaps on your upper lash line,it is extremely easy to apply even for beginners.

It’s so inexpensive,really pigmented,since it’s waterproof,it stays on all day/night,it doesn’t move or flake off.. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t give me that matte finish I crave for ..

I live in Abu Dhabi which is a very hot & humid region,where at the end of the day my makeup has run all over the place but this baby just doesn’t give up on me  !

Speaking of waterproof, one thing I would like to mention is that I love water parks 😐 (I know it sounds completely off the topic but I promise it’s not !) So I always test out my waterproof makeup by splashing water on my face to make sure it stays on even when I spend hours in water.

So,I did this..


Will this liner stays put for 8 to 12 hours, even in the most humid places –  Yesss !

But if it comes in contact with water or if you are an emotional person ,this might not work for you.



10 Easy beauty Hacks I use

Hello beauties

Beauty hacks are basically beauty tricks or quick fixes that actually saves your time,efforts and probably your money and who doesn’t want that?Internet is flooded over with beauty hacks that you can actually use.. but here are my top ten beauty hacks I use on day to day basis because they are too simple to fit in your daily life and all the things I use are easily available.

These hacks are nothing different or special,you must have heard or read about them thousands of time but in case you haven’t put those hacks in actual use,now is the time you should start using  them and putting them to good use because it really works.. without any further due let’s begin.

1.Use scotch tape for eyeliner and eye makeup

As simple as it sounds, you must have seen youtubers using a scotch tape for eyeliners and that crisp eye makeup look.. I will show you how easy it is and you can never go wrong with your eye makeup anymore and you can avoid making a mess in the first place



2.Make any lipstick matte

I use this hack all the time because not only does it makes ur lipstick matte,it also make it last longer. just grab a tissue paper and place it on ur lips after you have applied ur lipstick ,then take a fluffy brush with a translucent powder on it and dust on it..


3.use a q tip for smudging eyeliner

sometimes i like a more smudged out lower lash line,and q tips gives the same effect as my mac 239 brush .. may be even more precise


4.fix you lipstick with  a hair dryer


5. use hair spray on bobby pins and use the zig zag side underneath

6. use mascara as ur lower eyeliner

7.if ur mascara is dry add some contact lens solution to it


Slay a winged eyeliner in five easy steps.

Hello lovelies..

Being my first post, I have been doing a  little survey and R&D (which basically involves asking my girlfriends what they want my first post to be..)
If you are anything like me,or my neighbor, or my girlfriends ,or my cousins or any other girl who struggles with the eyeliner application no matter what you do ! You are at the right place girls.. I am gonna show you how I get the perfect winged eyeliner( Well ! Most of the times) 😉

You can play around with your eyeliners many ways but for today lets just stick to the winged liner because I find it to be the most flattering on every eye shapes,it adds definition to your eyes & make your eyes look bigger & elongated but sometimes slaying the most crisp and sharp eyeliner can b tricky for professionals, so no worries..Even the most skilled person with eyeliners can make a mess..we are humans and we all make mistakes plus there is nothing a makeup wipe and a cup of coffee can’t fix !

There are plenty of eyeliners available in the market but my favourite of them all is Maybelline studio gel liner.

This is the drugstore one and too affordable,Who needs Mac & Bobbi brown anyways if a drugstore product is offering you the same quality ,may be even better.
I still get nervous while applying it but I still love it because in my opinion no liner can give you that blackest black and matte finish this liner gives you..It’s super duper black and applies so smoothly. I don’t use the brush that comes with it. I use an angled brush, this is bdellium tools 760 but any angled eyeliner brush would do the job.

But for beginners ,you can start with a felt tip eye liner because it is the easiest to work with ! 
These are just the guidelines how I personally do it. So lets begin, Shall we?

Step 1

Place the side of your hand or preferably your pinky( your little finger) on your cheeks,it will steady your hand and gives you more control. 

step 2

Start with the inner corner and work your way outwards  with short strokes. You don’t need to line your entire eye with one perfect fast stroke.. That’s when the most f##ups happen. Stay close to the lash line &  you can make it thicker afterwards.

Start to build the thickness in the outer third of your eye.

Step 4

Now imagine extending your lower lash line,that is gonna be the perfect angle for your wing. So, take your brush,drag it up & make a little flick following your bottom lash line towards the tail of your brow.

Step 5

Join the tip of the flick to the existing line creating a triangular shape & fill it in ! 

&  Voila you are done ! pheww !