Slay a winged eyeliner in five easy steps.

Slay a winged eyeliner in five easy steps.

Hello lovelies..

Being my first post, I have been doing a  little survey and R&D (which basically involves asking my girlfriends what they want my first post to be..)
If you are anything like me,or my neighbor, or my girlfriends ,or my cousins or any other girl who struggles with the eyeliner application no matter what you do ! You are at the right place girls.. I am gonna show you how I get the perfect winged eyeliner( Well ! Most of the times) 😉

You can play around with your eyeliners many ways but for today lets just stick to the winged liner because I find it to be the most flattering on every eye shapes,it adds definition to your eyes & make your eyes look bigger & elongated but sometimes slaying the most crisp and sharp eyeliner can b tricky for professionals, so no worries..Even the most skilled person with eyeliners can make a mess..we are humans and we all make mistakes plus there is nothing a makeup wipe and a cup of coffee can’t fix !

There are plenty of eyeliners available in the market but my favourite of them all is Maybelline studio gel liner.

This is the drugstore one and too affordable,Who needs Mac & Bobbi brown anyways if a drugstore product is offering you the same quality ,may be even better.
I still get nervous while applying it but I still love it because in my opinion no liner can give you that blackest black and matte finish this liner gives you..It’s super duper black and applies so smoothly. I don’t use the brush that comes with it. I use an angled brush, this is bdellium tools 760 but any angled eyeliner brush would do the job.

But for beginners ,you can start with a felt tip eye liner because it is the easiest to work with ! 
These are just the guidelines how I personally do it. So lets begin, Shall we?

Step 1

Place the side of your hand or preferably your pinky( your little finger) on your cheeks,it will steady your hand and gives you more control. 

step 2

Start with the inner corner and work your way outwards  with short strokes. You don’t need to line your entire eye with one perfect fast stroke.. That’s when the most f##ups happen. Stay close to the lash line &  you can make it thicker afterwards.

Start to build the thickness in the outer third of your eye.

Step 4

Now imagine extending your lower lash line,that is gonna be the perfect angle for your wing. So, take your brush,drag it up & make a little flick following your bottom lash line towards the tail of your brow.

Step 5

Join the tip of the flick to the existing line creating a triangular shape & fill it in ! 

&  Voila you are done ! pheww !



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